Jihadi brides determined to return to Spain

REFUGEE CAMP: The brides are stranded in Syria (file image). Photo: Shutterstock

THREE ISIS brides, stranded in the Al Hol refugee camp in Syria, want to return to Spain.

Yolanda Martinez and Luna Fernandez are Moslem converts while Morocco-born Lubna Miludi also has Spanish nationality.

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The three women, who wear full niqabs “because we want to”, survived the collapse of the caliphate’s last stronghold, Baghouz and now live in Al Hol with 73,000 other refugees, mainly women and children.

Two are widowed while Martinez’s husband is a prisoner in Syria, but each insists that her husband “did not fight” and occupied an administrative position inside ISIS.

“We just want to get out of here,” they said.  “They can’t condemn us for looking after our homes and our children in Islamic State.”

Miludi has three children while Martinez and Fernandez each have four.

The latter is now pregnant with a fifth and looks after another four children whose Moroccan parents died in Baghouz.

Like Miludi, they claim that their husbands tricked them into following them to Syria in 2014. They now determined to return to Spain but say that no-one from the Spanish government has been in touch with them.


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