WATCH: Concrete blocks planted on Puerto Banus terraces amid fee dispute

BLOCKS: Numerous businesses have reported these measures. Photo: Puerto Banus Locals

PUERTO BANUS business owners share their outrage online as huge concrete blocks are installed outside locals in a bid to enforce terrace fee payments.

Numerous businesses have reported these measures to the Ports Public Agency of Andalucia and Marbella’s town hall, which is currently investigating the case.

According to some of the affected parties, the blocks are being placed on all terraces that have refused to pay the fee that can reach up to €480 per square metre, an alleged increase of 500 per cent.


The blocks are generally used as an antiterrorist method to avoid vehicle attacks on public areas, such as the incident that took place in Barcelona.

However, the Puerto Banus corporation stated that “all those entities that use the terraces are obliged to comply with their obligations, which are regulated by the concession and the regulations that develop it».

They continued to argue that they are entitled to enforce all legal actions necessary on those that do not comply with their obligations and they will not hesitate to defend their rights before any claim.

Port access cards have also been withdrawn from some businesses that, according to the regulations, can only be carried out due to an improper use by the card owner.

The trades that are most affected are those that depend on supplies from providers as they are unable to use the access card.

This is becoming a joke!! They’ve upped the terrace fees by 200% and if you don’t pay it this is what’s happening

Geplaatst door Puerto Banus Locals op Donderdag 11 april 2019

Is La Bodeguita next to suffer the terrace blocks? Just in time for Semana Santa?

Geplaatst door Puerto Banus Locals op Donderdag 11 april 2019



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