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PARKING: Mike Senker Photo: Shutterstock

JUST spent a few days in wonderful Seville. I booked a 4 star hotel which was advertised as having parking on site.

As soon as I got there and asked where the car park entrance was I was told it was closed for repairs. The hotel was on a main road so I couldn’t leave the car there and the hotel guy said if I did a left, a right, another left – I didn’t hear the rest, just the last bit, which was it’s €12.50 a day. I asked why they didn’t inform their guests before arriving that the car park was closed.

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After all, I’d had numerous emails from them or their booking agents pointing out offers I could partake in. I, of course, got the shrug. He then pointed out that I could take a chance and park on the other side of the road on a bit of waste ground that was free but wasn’t as secure as the other one. I decided to take my chances and parked on the waste ground. I was greeted by a bunch of self-appointed parking attendants and one of then instantly took me to my allotted space and guided me in.

He then gave me my ‘parking permit’ and I gave him a couple of euros and that was the parking and the first problem sorted. Next, we get into our room and there were no tea or coffee making facilities. And, by the way, there is no restaurant in the hotel either – just room service which I find out is basically you phone down and order food off the menu then they send out for takeaway. Again, something I didn’t realise as I’d taken the breakfast included option so assumed there was a working kitchen there. Then there was the room itself – it was pretty small. Now you might be wondering why I didn’t do my usual ‘can I see the third room first routine.’ 

Well, I was on a bit of a warning from Mrs S as we were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and she wanted a quiet few days away without me complaining or being grumpy.

I tried my best, honest, but then I couldn’t resist the remark I made to the duty manager that as there was no mirror in the bedroom and only a small one  in the bathroom I hope he didn’t mind me getting dressed in the lift as there was four full length mirrors in there. Next week the journey home. Not to be missed I promise.


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