Police rescue driver of car which plunged 60 metres down ravine in Antequera

RESCUE MISSION: Police eventually located and rescued them man. Credit: Policia Nacional

MEMBERS of the National Police have rescued the driver of a car which dropped 60 metres down a ravine in Antequera.

The 32-year-old Spanish man called the emergency services himself after becoming trapped in his vehicle in a mountainous area in El Torcal.

According to police, the man said his car had left the road after losing control of his car on difficult terrain in adverse weather conditions as he was driving at night. Police sent out a search patrol after receiving his call at around 11.40pm on Sunday, and were initially unable to find his exact location.


Officers said low visibility, rain, wind, and the heavily-wooded area made it difficult to find the man.  However, police located him after officers heard a, “weak voice,” repeatedly asking for help, before spotting a damaged vehicle about 60 metres from the road.

They found the man injured and with half his body under the vehicle and unable to move.  Police said the man faced being crushed by the car as it slipped further down the hill in the rain so they dragged him from under the wreckage before sheltering him with a blanket.

 Health workers then moved the man by stretcher to a waiting ambulance before he was taken to the Antequera regional hospital.



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