CRACKING!: Easter week to bring sunny weather and over 20 celsius throughout most of Spain

SUNNY WEATHER: Temperatures over 20 degrees have been predicted for most of the peninsula. Photo: Shutterstock

THE WINTERY weather of the last few days is expected to give way to sunnier conditions starting from Easter week (Semana Santa) in most areas in Spain.

Spain’s Met Office’s spokesperson, Ruben del Campo, stated that temperatures over 20 degrees have been predicted for most of the peninsula, however, light rainfalls will target some areas in the north such as the Balearic Islands, the Pyrenees, and parts of Eastern Cantabria.

On Sunday 14, temperatures could reach up to 30 degrees in Murcia, 26 in Cordoba and Sevilla, and 25 in Badajoz and Malaga.


Del Campo also said that showers will continue this week throughout most of Spain, except for the Mediterranean area, but some of the more mountainous islands of the Canaries and Balearics will too be affected.


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