BREXIT: British PM Theresa May talks with German and French leaders before crunch EU summit

TALKS: UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Photo: Shutterstock

BRITAIN’S prime minister held talks with the leaders of France and Germany today (Tuesday) ahead of an emergency EU Brexit summit tomorrow.

Theresa May travelled first to Berlin and then to Paris for meetings with Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron respectively.

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It comes as EU leaders are expected to push for a year-long extension to Brexit at a Brussels meeting tomorrow.

May said a delay up to the end of this year or the start of the next was a possibility. The Prime Minister previously wrote to European Council president Donald Tusk to request an extension to Sunday June 30.

Merkel previously said she was prepared to do everything possible to prevent a hard Brexit.

It comes as Britain’s Parliament passed a law yesterday (Monday) to prevent a no-deal Brexit. The

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said approval for Britain’s request for an extension would depend on whether Parliament passes the Withdrawal Agreement.

EU Withdrawal Bill gives MPs the power to scrutinise proposals from May and change her short extension request.

Separately, Britain’s ruling Conservatives opened applications for candidates to stand in this year’s European Parliament elections showing that it is increasingly likely voters will go to the polls despite Brexit.

A Downing Street spokesperson said the government was working ‘very hard’ to avoid contesting the elections.

Britain is currently scheduled to leave the EU on Friday, with or without a deal.


  1. ‘Onward’ – a Tory party think tank – has recently conducted research into voting patterns. These have revealed 83% of Tory voters are over the age of 45. However, only 4% are in their teens and twenties up to the age of 24. The tipping point age at which a voter is more likely to be Tory rather than Labour has reached 51. Up until as recently as 2017 it was 34. This is an astonishingly steep decline in Tory support in every age group apart from the elderly. The research was conducted shortly BEFORE the Brexit situation descended into the absolute farce we are now witnessing. Add to that, the deep divisions within the party and the stark conclusion becomes inevitable. The Tory party is all but finished. As its oldest voters die off and are not replaced by younger ones, it will soon become unelectable. The ‘Onward’ report states that the Tory brand is particularly “toxic” among younger women who say it does not even “pass rudimentary hygiene” tests!
    Scotland, having long voted against the English tendency to install Tory governments, has become an almost Tory-free zone in recent elections. I guess we can look forward to the rest of Britain catching up shortly. Brexit or no Brexit, either Theresa May or her immediate successor might be the last Tory prime minister – ever!

    • Because, Naimah, Merkel and Macron were elected into positions of power. They are most certainly NOT “cretins” as you put it. They are very intelligent when it comes to wielding power and if you really think about it, they are actually trying to save us from our own madness. As for globalism, we are ONE human race. We live on ONE planet. We need to unite in order to survive all the challenges that we face as ONE human race. If we fragment and disintigrate, we are finished.


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