COO-L!: Police recover pigeons ‘worth thousands’ in Spain

Dozens Of Pigeons Drop Dead In Orihuela
Photo: Shutterstock

THE Guardia Civil in Sueca (Valencia) recovered 35 competition pigeons worth €52,000 that were stolen in the Ribera area.

The current Spanish champion was amongst the stolen birds and the mass disappearance alarmed the pigeon racing community.

Guardia Civil investigators, with the cooperation of the Valencian Federation of Pigeon Fanciers, carried out a series of inspections in Alzira, Cullera and Gandia where they located 35 pigeons, including the Spanish champion.


Officers arrested one person who was charged with animal cruelty as well as stealing the birds, as they also found the dead bodies of nine recently-killed pigeons, while another two people are under investigation.



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