‘LIES’: Spain’s Prime Minister Sanchez compares pro-Brexit and Catalan independence campaigners

COMPARISONS: Sanchez (inset) said pro-Brexit and Catalan independence campaigners used similar techniques. Photo credits: Shutterstock (main), Wikimedia Commons (inset)

SPANISH prime minister Pedro Sanchez has likened the arguments used by pro-Brexit campaigners to those used by people in favour of Catalan independence, saying both were based on ‘lies’.

Sanchez told British, French, Germany and Italian media in a joint-interview that the two causes used similar techniques to persuade others.

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“They say ‘Europe’s stealing from us!’ or ‘Spain is stealing from us!’ or ‘If we had more economic resources’.

“At the end of the day I think that engaging in campaigns or political projects based on lies eventually leads societies down a blind alley and that’s really hard to manage,” Sanchez said.

The prime minister said Europe needed reform and that perhaps British voters should have been asked if they wanted to remain in a better EU in 2016.

He added the Withdrawal Agreement drawn up by London and Brussels was the only viable deal and called on parliament to back it.

“The British parliament is facing a dilemma that will require all its MPs to act responsibly to avoid a hard, disorderly Brexit.

“The possibility of an orderly Brexit still exists and that’s the appeal I’m making to British MPs,” Sanchez said.


  1. He omitted to say that the remain lobby told and spun more lies than the leave lobby. Which shows he is only stating a one sided comment. He should concentrate on his own country first and its problems. The Euro elite do NOT listen to the concerns of its own citizens and treats them with contempt. A lot of problems going on in other EU Countries i.e. Greece,France,Germany, Spain,and others is being suppressed from the news media. Unfortunately the EU thinks one cap fits all, it does not. It appears some Countries in the EU France for one has never learned from its past. So instead of trying to enforce there ideals on citizens it should look listen and be one with its citizens, Catalan has every right to vote on independence. That is what Democracy is about. It just a shame that Governments don’t know the real meaning of Democracy but its people do.

  2. Call it egotistical nationalism with a public who hasn’t enough political education to vote on such an important issue…
    But there is a lot more to the stupidity of Brexit…
    It has to do with 10 years of “austerity” imposed by neo-liberal Conservatives removing all the support for the “losers” in modern society. Leaving them to rot without a voice. Or anyone giving a damn…
    David Cameron thought that the referendum would kill off the UKIP a venomously right-wing bunch who were “stealing” Conservative votes…
    He was wrong…


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