Police seek gunman in Malaga city

SHOOTING: Police claim the shots were fired in Malaga city. Credit: Wikimedia

POLICE are looking for a man who allegedly fired a shotgun in the middle of Las Flores, Malaga city.

The suspect is said to have let off several rounds during Friday night and until Saturday morning, startling local residents.

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The first call to emergency services was reportedly made at around 2am, with the witness reporting two shots fired.  Members of the Local and National Police made their way to the scene but found no sign of a shooter.

While there, they heard several further shots, which they claimed appeared to come from a local playground. Police took statements from witnesses who alleged they had seen a person wearing a tracksuit fleeing the scene on a motorbike.

The shooting took place soon after a 25-year-old man was beheaded at an apartment in Malaga’s La Trinidad neighbourhood.  According to Spanish media, police are investigating whether the two incidents are connected given they took place near to each other.


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