Claims that Ryanair was the largest carbon dioxide polluter in EU last year, excluding coal-fired power stations

RYANAIR: The airline produced 9,9 megatons of carbon dioxide last year. Photo: Shutterstock

THE LOW-COST airline, Ryanair, was the EU company with the highest carbon dioxide emissions in 2018, aside from coal-fired power stations, according to a study carried out by the environmental organisation Transport & Environment (T&E).

The report, based on information from the European Environmental Agency, showed that Ryanair produced 9.9 megatons of carbon dioxide, making them the highest polluting airline in the European Union.

The Irish airline is also the only company out of the top ten CO2 emitters that does not contribute to generating energy.


But the low-cost carrier claimed it is “Europe’s greenest and cleanest airline”.

In a statement, the carrier said: “Passengers travelling on Ryanair have the lowest CO2 emissions per kilometre travelled than any other airline”.


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