WATCH ‘DEVIL ON WHEELS’: Lorry driver pressures family with kids in car to drive faster in Spain

'DEVIL ON WHEELS': Woman in Spain called cops saying: ""I'm super-nervous, I'm travelling with two girls and they're crying. There's a big truck that's honking. My heart is coming out." Photo credit: Twitter / @policiaforal_na

SHOCKING footage of a foreign lorry driver pressuring a family, with two children in the car, to drive faster on a main road in Spain has been released by police.

The terrified woman alerted the cops in a call saying: “I’m super-nervous, I’m travelling with two girls and they’re crying. There’s a big truck that’s honking. My heart is coming out.”


The family’s ordeal was captured in a frightening four-minute video which showed the driver accelerating close to their car, sounding the horn and flashing his vehicle’s headlights.

The shocking behaviour, which has been likened to scenes from the Steven Spielberg 1971 movie ‘The Devil on Wheels’, was captured on the N-121-A in Navarra.

Thanks to the prompt action of the family and the video evidence they recorded police arrested a 45-year-old Romanian man with an address in Granada.

The Policía Foral-Foruzaingoa regional force said the lorry was stopped in Sumbilla and the driver charged with reckless driving. He faces a €500 fine and six points off his driving licence which he said only had two points remaining after previous incidents.


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