Restaurants close due to health concerns in Mallorca

Top Madrid restaurant allegedly makes 'illegal' demand. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A TOTAL of 33 restaurants in Mallorca were closed temporarily in Mallorca during the first 90 days of this year over health concerns, almost two thirds of the 2018 total.

The data has been released by Spain’s Health Ministry. Reports from the government department show the reasons for the establishments being closed included a lack of hygiene, inadequate food storage methods and having too many customers for their capacity.

The closures came ahead of the yearly stepping up of health and safety inspections that takes place on the island during the peak summer tourist season.


Margalida Buades, of the Balearic Islands’ Health Department, said temporary closures spurred businesses on to improve their standards.

Establishments shut down under temporary closure orders are also required to pay a €3,500 penalty for violating regulations.

Health officials in Mallorca are planning on inspecting around 1,000 bars, restaurants, hotels and other food and drinks venues during this year’s tourist season.



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