WATCH: Hundreds strip naked for photo shoot in Spain

BIRTHDAY SUITS: "Spencer Tunick’s art goes beyond what can be seen to the naked eye." Photo credit: Twitter / @SpencerTunick

MORE than 1,300 volunteers got their kit off for a huge naked ‘artistic installation’ in Spain for the world-famous photographer Spencer Tunick.

The photo shoot on the streets of Valencia on Saturday by the New York-based photographer was staged as part of the city’s IntraMurs cultural festival.


Participants were pictured in various positions that placed the men on the ground and the women standing over them, intended to represent the latter group as the “wiser of the two sexes.”

It is the third time the photographer has returned to Spain after shooting 7,000 naked bodies in Montjuïc (Barcelona) in 2003 and one thousand people modelled in the buff for him in 2007 in San Sebastian.

Participants in the Valencia event will receive a limited-edition copy of the photograph taken by Spencer as a souvenir of the experience.

The snapper’s website proclaims: “Spencer Tunick’s art goes beyond what can be seen to the naked eye. His function is to capture the soul of a city and decode its language, and he achieves this not only by aligning naked bodies, but also by synchronizing with the energy and geometry of the urban space itself.”



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