WATCH: ‘Brave’ hunter saves life of exhausted drowning deer in Spain

HUNTER: Rescues a roe deer from an irrigation channel in Spain. Photo credit: YouTube

THE actions of a hunter who rescued a drowning roe deer from the freezing waters of an irrigation channel in Spain has gone viral.

The ‘heroic’ rescue by the man named as Juanjo from Almoguera, Guadalajara has been viewed thousands of times as he can be seen throwing himself into the water to rescue the exhausted animal from the canal.


Juanjo swims to the deer before it is recovered to dry land with the assistance of onlookers with ropes on the bank.

But one hunting website, the Club de Caza, asked: “Where are the ecologists to praise the actions?”

They say: “This is what country people, hunters, do.”

The person recording the video comments: “This is a gentleman of the field, a field of good ones”.

After the hunters helped the deer to recover and get back on its feet it was released back to the mountains.



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