Spain’s AEMET Met Office says country getting warmer and more arid due to climate change

CHANGING CLIMATE: Spain is getting hotter and more arid. CREDIT: Shutterstock

TWO THIRDS of Spain’s population face higher temperatures, longer summers, more tropical nights and a growing area of arid land due to climate change, the country’s Met Office has said.

AEMET claimed in a new report that semi-arid conditions now covered 30,000 square kilometres, or six per cent of Spain. Such conditions previously only affected the southern part of the country and some of its river basins.

Teresa Ribera, Spain’s Ecology Minister, said all future government policies would have to take climate change into account.


AEMET’s study analysed four decades of climate data from 58 observatories across the county. It found warming had taken place at both land and sea, leading to summers that are an average of five weeks longer than the early 1980’s.

Summers have been getting longer by an average of nine days a year since the 1980’s, the study found.

More people in Spain also face warmer, more humid tropical nights. People living in coastal Mediterranean parts of the country are more likely to be affected, with warmer nights caused in part by the sea getting hotter, according to the study.

The study comes as thousands of school pupils took part in Fridays for Future marches in cities across the country last week. The protests are part of a global student-led movement for action on climate change.


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