Paternity leave extended to eight weeks as of TODAY in Spain

PATERNITY: Fathers of all born and adopted children are now entitled to nearly two months leave. Credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S paternity leave has been extended from five to eight weeks as of today (Monday).

The increment has been put in place in a bid to comply with the measures under the Royal Decree-Law to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities.

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Fathers of all born and adopted children are now entitled to nearly two months leave, of which the first two should be taken at the same time as the mother and immediately after the birth or adoption.

The remaining six weeks can be distributed during the first 12 months.

The increase is part of a progressive attempt to achieve equality between both parents by 2021, with the extension expected to reach 12 weeks next year and 16 weeks the year after.

By 2021, maternity and paternity leaves will be equal and non-transferable and will be known as “birth permissions” that covers the birth or adoption and care of the child.

However, despite the law already having been made effective, its continuity relies on whether it is approved or not by the Congress of Permanent Deputation presumably during a meeting planned for Wednesday (April 3).

According to the Spanish press, the law will be enforced, at least until the decision is made, and seems highly unlikely that the movement would be knocked down.


  1. That will help the economy. Headline elsewhere today – ” SPAIN and Italy are in economic turmoil with the former recording an increase of public debt by up 97.2% of GDP in 2018″
    More time off on full pay is clearly the solution.


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