French ambassador to Spain says he ‘regrets’ senators’ declaration supporting pro-Catalan figures

CAPTION: DECLARATION: The French senators spoke out in favour of pro-Catalan independence figures. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE French ambassador to Spain has said he regrets moves from Senators in Paris who issued a declaration in support of those on trial over the 2017 Catalan independence push.

Fernando Cardedera said the 41 senators, from the ruling La Republic en Marcha party, showed “absolute ignorance” on the 2017 push and the ongoing trial of 12 pro-Catalan independence figures.

The French government said in statement: “France reiterates its constant commitment to respect the constitutional framework of Spain.


“It is not up to France to interfere in ongoing judicial proceedings.”

The declaration made by the 41 senators said they felt affected by the “serious events” that have happened in the northern Spanish region in recent years.

Madrid had repressed the “legitimate elected victims” by arresting, charging them and putting them on trial in the country’s Supreme Court.

“It is a real valuation of democratic rights and freedoms,” the declaration stated. The trial of the 12 former Catalan officials and pro-independence activists in Madrid continues.


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