Stalker obsessed with Gabriel Cruz’s mother

STALKER: Prohibited from going within 500 metres of Patricia Ramirez for five years. Photo: Shutterstock

A COURT in Almeria has sentenced a 42-year old man to two years in prison for stalking the mother of Gabriel Cruz, the little boy found murdered in Nijar.

D.M.F.A is also prohibited from going within 500 metres of Patricia Ramirez for five years or from going to where she lives for the same period.

The court referred to his “obsession” with Patricia after seeing her for the first time in 2015 when taking part in runs organised by the provincial government, on which she worked. He repeatedly failed to comply with a restraining order, trying to get near her, not only at the Almeria Council races, but also at her workplace, cafés she frequented, and even her home.

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Gabriel, known to his friends and family as Little Fish, went missing from Las Hortichuelas at the end of February last year sparking a huge search involving thousands of people. Two weeks later police charged the 43-year old girlfriend of Gabriel’s father with killing him when they found his lifeless body in the boot of her car.

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