Fundraising appeal launched for Costa del Sol singer Antony Wolfson after sound gear is stolen

FUNDRAISING: Wolfson depends on his PA rig for concerts. CREDIT: Facebook

A PERFORMER and friend of Costa del Sol-based singer Antony Wolfson has launched a fundraising appeal after his PA system was stolen yesterday (Thursday).

Nathan Dean said friends and family had rallied round Wolfson but he was in need of a long term solution after the theft.

“Antony Wolfson had his car raided by the use f a cloned key fob and the contents of his boot removed,” Dean said on his newly-launched Go Fund Me appeal.


“Antony is a well known and loved performer on the Costa del Sol and he has entertained many hundreds of thousands over the last six years,” Dean added.

The fellow singer said Wolfson’s career depended on his sound system. Dean is aiming to raise €5,000 so the singer can afford the best rig to continue entertaining fans.

The appeal raised €225 in the first ten hours of it going online.

“Your contribution will get him on the road and performing in his very special way,” Dean said.

You can donate to the appeal for Wolfson here.


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