Carb cycling for your health

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OBVIOUSLY, we eat a low carb diet to lose weight and increase our energy levels. But did you also know that eating low carb can have a significant impact on chronic illnesses, especially diabetes? 

If you have Type 2 diabetes, your body cannot process carbohydrates effectively and when you eat carbs, they are broken down into small units of glucose, which end up as blood sugar. 

My 72-year-old dad has just starting this way of eating. He has lost 9lb/4kg in his first two weeks and feels energetic and better than he has felt in years. He also developed type 2 diabetes at the age of 55 and has been bordering on insulin dependence for many years now. His blood sugar has dropped from over 10 to 6.5 in the same two-week period, a first for him ever!


Diabetes can develop later in life due to being poor diet choices and a lack of regular exercise. Many expatriates suffer with this disease and the answer could be a lot simpler and healthier than they think! 

On high carb days (One or two days per week) be sure to still choose the best possible carbs to avoid undoing the hard work achieved on low carb days. Green vegetables, pulses, grains and whole meal alternatives.  

If you suffer from high cholesterol, try to limit the amount of egg yolks and use more whites instead to still achieve the high protein levels.

Use coconut oil or a very good quality oil for cooking. Avoid vegetable oils at all costs.

Eat plenty of raw unseasoned nuts and avocados which can actually lower cholesterol compared to standard saturated fats. 

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