Callosa town hall changes name of Calle Polit street

NAME CHANGE: Addition of just one short word Photo credit: Callosa town hall

CALLOSA town hall has changed the name of Calle Polit to Calle del Polit.

The modification was made on grammatical grounds, but does not alter the fact that the Polit in question was a 19th century brigand from Bolulla.

According to historian Francesc Carreras y Candi in 1920, El Polit roamed the countryside in and around Callosa during the1840s with his band of rogues, “where he ruled like a petty king.”

Well-built and strong, Joan el Polit would enter Callosa via the street now bearing his name, holding up bars and robbing the card-players there. Announcing, “Today the banker’s hand wins,” he would sweep up all the money and go.

The oral tradition attached El Polit has inspired several local authors, including actor-director Toni Ferri.


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