BREAKING: British MPs set to debate PM Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement tomorrow

DEATE: Parliament is set to discuss the deal tomorrow (Friday). Credit: Shutterstock

MPS in the British Parliament are set to debate and possibly vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s twice-rejected Brexit deal tomorrow (Friday), previously slated as leave day.

The terms of the debate are still to be decided but a spokesperson for May said House of Commons speaker John Bercow would decide on the terms.

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The Prime Minister is keen to build support for the deal and it will only be put to a vote if there is a realistic chance of it passing, the spokesperson added.

Commons leader Andrea Leadsom told MPs discussions on the vote remained ongoing. Bercow said MPs would only vote on the Withdrawal Agreement, and not on motions used to find out how Parliament wants to approach Brexit.

The vote comes as Britain was scheduled to leave the EU at 11pm tomorrow. If MPs pass the Withdrawal Agreement than Britain will have until Wednesday May 22 to implement the deal before leaving.

If it fails then the EU has said it will offer a shorter extension until Friday April 12, provided London indicates its plans going forward.

A European Council document made no reference to the political declaration which sketches out Britain’s future relationship with the EU, leading to speculation on whether it will be voted on.


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