Spanish election officials launch investigation into allegations of voter registry fraud

CAPTION: INVESTIGATION: Officials said there had been “significant” increases of voters in some towns. CREDIT: Shutterstock

SPANISH election authorities have launched an investigation into allegations that 30 towns have artificially increased the number of names on their electoral rolls.

The Electoral Census Office said there had been “significant” increases in the number of people on the towns’ voter registries.

Names on electoral rolls sometimes increase as people re-register in towns prior to votes. But the increases seen in the 30 towns investigated were not justified, the Electoral Census Office claimed.


“These towns’ registrations could be suspected of being irregular due to their size,” agency officials said.

A spokesperson for Spain’s National Institute of Statistics (INE) said they sent requests for explanations to towns where spikes in registrations were detected as a matter of protocol. The INE incorporates the Electoral Census Office. Probes are then opened if the explanation is considered inadequate, the spokesperson added.

The Electoral Census Office has passed on the probe to Spain’s Central Election Board which is due to review its findings as the investigation continues.


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