Scientists explore fruit and crop varieties after driest winter ever in Malaga

PAWPAW: Researchers are studying whether these could grow in different climates. Photo: Shutterstock

AFTER Malaga province has had the driest winter in history, scientists in Axarquia are trying to find ways to continue producing fruits and subtropical crops in the face of climate change.

According to Spanish media, a new study will use facilities in Algarrobo to simulate mild winter conditions that could become the norm.  Scientists have planted out different varieties of fruit which each have different temperature requirements, including peaches, apricots, cherries, pawpaws, and plums.

So far, research suggests some varieties which normally require low cold conditions are still able to flower in these conditions on the coast of Malaga with very few hours of low temperatures.  Scientists believe these initial results show the Mediterranean could have the ideal climactic conditions to grow certain varieties of crops if winter temperatures continue to rise.




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