WATCH: Huge shark found dead with deep cut and fin missing in Spain

DEEP CUT: Calvia Town Hall believes the shark may have been struck by a boat propeller. CREDIT: @Bazarpalmeras Twitter

A FOUR metre-long shark was found dead and missing its dorsal fin in the sea at Puerto Portals in Calvia on Tuesday.

The grey species Hexanchus griseus had a deep cut on its back, which was probably caused by a boat propeller, according to Calvia Town Hall.

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Members of the Consistory’s Department of the Natural Environment, the public company Calvia 2000, PalmaAquarium and Natura Parc assisted in the removal of the shark.

Its body has been taken to Natura Parc for analysis.

The species prefers to live at great depths and can reach up to 300 kilos in weight and five metres in length. It feeds on crustaceans and small fish and remains motionless on the seabed during the day, rising to the surface at night to feed.

Despite their size, these sharks are not dangerous to man, and the probability of a chance encounter is extremely low, given the depth of their normal habitat.


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