Costa del Sol reservoir ban after health concerns

OFF LIMITS: The La Concepcion reservoir is closed to bathers and boaters. CREDIT: Shutterstock

ANDALUCIA’S Junta has banned bathing and sailing on the La Concepcion reservoir after traces of algae believed to be behind the death of several dogs were found in its waters.

Analysis of samples from the reservoir found the water contained phormidium. Tests were done after authorities were alerted to the death of five dogs on the Zahara de Istan urbanisation, in Istan, which is near to the reservoir.

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Scientists at the Cadiz Province Laboratory of Control of Environmental Quality (LCCA) said phormidium, part of the cyanobacteria family, could cause health problems and or kill wild and domestic animals.

The algae can cause gastroenteritis, fever, skin and eye irritation and can affect the throat and breathing of the animals, the specialists added.

A professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid told Spanish media phormidium is very common in rivers and reservoirs globally and added high concentrations could affect health.


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