Tables turned on furniture thief in Roquetas de Mar

RECOVERED: Police believe the suspect sold stolen restaurant furniture to a neighbour. Photo: Guardia Civil

A MAN suspected of stealing furniture from bars and restaurants in Roquetas de Mar is under arrest.

Guardia Civil detained 37-year old local resident J.B.L. on charges of breaking into five establishments in the area and taking tables and chairs.

Investigations were launched in February following a restaurant owner’s report someone had got away with 12 chairs and two tables, one of them aluminium. The facts were very similar to four other cases involving the theft of 60 chairs, 16 tables and four sofas in all.


Investigating officers established the robber would park a van close to the establishments, load it up with the stolen furniture and make off. They managed to locate the vehicle based on information from the public, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

The Guardia has so far managed to recover eight of the stolen chairs and two tables, which the 37-year old had sold to a neighbour for their home.


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