Lasi the sea turtle comes home

SEA TURTLE: Lasi travelled 9,066 km, an average of 35.2 km per day. Photo: Shutterstock

A SEA turtle which was nursed back to good health at Palma Aquarium before being released has reappeared after months without emitting any signal from an electronic device placed inside its shell.

Named Lasi, the turtle was discovered by a fisherman in the waters of Cabrera last March. It was having difficulty submerging and was soon transferred to the Marine Fauna Recovery Centre of the Palma Aquarium.

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After a few days at the centre Lasi was released on the beach of s’Armarador, Santanyi, on March 26 last year, with a device which offers real-time immersion position and depth data through a connection via satellite.

Signals were received until November, and then there was nothing until February 21, when the female turtle was recorded between Cabrera and the Algerian coast.

Between March 26, 2018 and February 12, Lasi travelled 9,066 km, an average of 35.2 km per day.


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