DISTRESSING: Conscious cows’ limbs cut off during slaughterhouse footage in Spain

SLAUGHTERHOUSE: This is the autonomous community’s second scandal in five months. Credit: @EqualiaONG

*Highly distressing content below.

A NON-PROFIT organisation has shared distressing content surrounding severe animal cruelty practices carried out at a slaughterhouse in Avila.

The NGO Equalia has reported the abattoir’s actions and those of its workers after extremely gory scenes were recorded, where viewers can see how cows and lambs are beaten and even having their limbs cut off whilst still alive.


The video was posted on the organisation’s Youtube this morning (Tuesday), highlighting how serious breaches of regional and state animal defence regulations are taking place.

This is the autonomous community’s second slaughterhouse scandal in five months.

Equalia has initiated a debate surrounding the meat industry and has requested that a video surveillance law is implemented via their website in order to respect citizens’ rights to information.


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