Fastest production Seat ever

HOT: Leon Cupra R ST will hit 250kph.

SEAT has upgraded its Leon with the new Leon CUPRA R ST special edition which is the fastest production car ever made by the Spanish manufacturers.

The Leon Cupra ST will reach 250kph, with it sprinting to 100kph in just 4.9 seconds.  An optional after sales tuning package boosts power from 296 bhp to 365 bhp and brings the sprint time down to 4.5 seconds – pretty impressive for what is after all an estate car.

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Its two litre turbo charged four cylinder engine is allied to four wheel drive to ensure you can make the best use of all that power, giving a smooth ride and snappy handling.

In order to improve cornering speed and handling performance, new uprights have been added to the front axle that modifies the negative camber (2º); the rear negative camber is also at 2º.

The performance is matched by the distinctive CUPRA sound from the quad exhaust pipes at the rear of the vehicle giving drivers a sound as well as a visceral experience from behind the steering wheel.

At first glance the Leon CUPRA R ST stands out from the competition with what Seat calls a ‘compelling’ exterior design. The newly developed lateral air intakes have been a copper colour treatment thast may not be to everyone’s taste, but is certainly distinctive.

Extensive use of carbon fibre helps with performance and is evident in the front diffusers and other aesthetic features.

Antonino Labate, director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations of CUPRA, said:  “The Leon CUPRA R ST represents our ability to make unique, exciting cars with the most advanced technology ready for the most demanding and diverse of drivers. It’s the amalgamation of the brand’s experience in motor racing and the ability of our design and engineering teams to seamlessly mix performance and functionality,” 


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