Candidate for far-right Vox plays down Nazi genocide in Holocaust in Twitter exchange

COMMENTS: Paz (inset) played down killings in Nazi concentration camps. Photo credits: Shutterstock (main), Fernando Paz (inset)

A CANDIDATE standing for a far-right party in Castilla-La Mancha in upcoming elections has made statements playing down genocide in the Holocaust.

Fernando Paz said this month that deaths in Nazi extermination camps were caused by overcrowding, disease and a lack of organisation when pressed by a Twitter user on the subject.

Paz, who is top of Vox’s electoral list in Albacete, added he did not see what that had to do with killings in the camps.


Footage of the Vox politician speaking at a Falange event in 2016 showed him playing down the role of Nazi soldiers in the deaths of Jews on the Eastern Front in the Second World War. He said killings were carried out first by locals who had been anti-Semitic for “many centuries”.

Paz said he had never denied the racist aspect of the Holocaust when Spanish media questioned him on the remarks.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain said Paz’s revisionism and denial of the Holocaust was “unacceptable”.

It comes as Pedro Pablo Peña, the leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, praised Paz last week saying his departure from his movement to Vox was a “loss”.

Members of Vox have previously faced accusations of racism. The party is known for its strident anti-migration stance and social conservatism.


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