WATCH: Britain’s Ambassador to Spain – “The UK government’s top priority is to leave the EU with a deal”

HMA: Simon Manley addresses British nationals living in Spain. Photo credit: British Embassy Madrid

BRITISH AMBASSADOR Simon Manley has taken to social media to update Brits in Spain on recent political developments in Brussels and London related to the UK’s exit from the EU – and what it means for British people living in Spain.

The overriding message in the video is that the UK government’s top priority is to leave the EU with a deal.

However, Rachel Warnes, responding to the video echoes what other Brits have recently experienced with the authorities in Spain.

She said: “In my case the info is useless. It just says “get legal” and then everything else follows that.

“If you have moved to Spain and live in a province that stopped allowing British Citizens to make appointments for Residencia at the start of March you can’t follow that advice.

“I am now officially living in Spain “illegally” and are being made so by the Spanish authorities themselves – in direct contradiction to the Spanish Government ruling on this matter. It’s so frustrating. We have been told to go back to the Oficina de Extranjeros after Brexit – now we don’t even know when that is going to be.”

The Ambassador’s message that was released on the Brits in Spain Facebook page is the latest in a series of videos (see below) designed to put people’s minds a ease that cover topics such as pensions, healthcare, driving licences and travel when the UK leaves the EU.

Worried about what will happen to your pension when the UK leaves the EU?

Not sure about travel in Europe after Brexit?

Access to healthcare is a key concern for many British people in Spain. This video has the latest information on what Brexit means for healthcare and actions you should take now…

Driving licences after Brexit


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