Sperm and egg donor anonymity rights could be removed in Spain

LEGISLATION CHANGE: Spain’s laws could be updated to withdraw anonymity for donors. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

A BIOETHICS committee has announced plans to potentially remove anonymity rights from sperm and egg donors.

The body, which is attached to Spain’s Ministry of Health, said it intends to raise a debate over whether children born using donations have a right to know their biological parents.

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According to Spanish media, the move could see Spain update its legislation in line with other European countries, including Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Portugal.

Spain has one of the highest levels of assisted reproduction clinics in the world at around 400. In 2015, 2,801 babies were conceived through donations, and 0.7 per cent of all babies were born using sperm donations, according to the Spanish Fertility Society.


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