Spain’s Rio Seco is no longer so dry – find out why…

OASIS: River Seco no longer so dry. Photo credit: Juan Carlos Gimenez

THE daily equivalent of two Olympic swimming pools of recycled water have been deposited in the River Seco since 2011.

In two years’ time the water will instead be used for crop irrigation now that the Generalitat has commenced a €1.6 million project that will link the L’Alacanti Nord sewage treatment plant in San Juan to El Pantanet in Muchamiel.

This connection was omitted from plans for the San Juan plant and despite agricultural growers’ repeated requests, a succession of regional governments were never able to find the available cash.


The 5 million litres of water dumped each day have not been wasted as they transformed the lower reaches of the Rio Seco in Campello where the river lived up to its name except during the flash floods that are common along the Costa Blanca.

The section of river between the San Juan plant and its mouth is now verdant with vegetation teaming with birds and waterfowl, prompting Campello council to request that the area is listed as wetlands.

The town hall has also appealed to the Generalitat and the Confederacion Hidrografica del Jucar – responsible for the region’s rivers – to ensure that the River Seco continues to receive enough Alacanti Nord water to maintain its wildlife.


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