Spain’s inland areas’ ageing populations

ALICANTE PROVINCE: 2.53 per cent of the population are over 85

NATIONAL Statistics Institute figures show that 46,592 people in Alicante province – 2.53 per cent of the population – are over 85.

This percentage falls to below 2.3 per cent in the Vega Baja and Baix Vinalopo but rises inland, giving l’Alcoioa 3 per cent and El Comtat 3.62 per cent.

These areas have the longest-lived populations in the province and in the El Comtat town of Beniarres, 78 of its 1,118 inhabitants are over 85, practically 7 per cent of the total.


Most Beniarres residents work in Muro, 8 kilometres away, but the young tend to move away owing to the lack of opportunity.

“We worry about that as much as the lack of services,” admitted Beniarres mayor Francisco Selles.

 “Because there are fewer of us and many are very elderly, it becomes difficult to provide adequate services for the local population,” he said.


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