UPDATE: ONE MILLION join People’s March against Brexit in London

BREXIT MARCH: Protestors gathered in London. Photo by David Anderson

LATEST estimates say more than one million people have joined the People’s March against Brexit in London today (Saturday, March 23).

Organisers say the numbers have exceeded all expectations, with it becoming one of the largest marches in British history.

The start of the march in Park Lane was filled to bursting point, with many thousands of people forced to make their way to Trafalgar Square through side streets.

Some 200 buses were hired to bring demonstrators, with hundreds of thousands more joining under their own steam to call for a “People’s Vote” on the deal to leave the EU.

Led by the Labour Party’s number two Tom Watson, SNP Chief Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine, and the mayor of London, Labour Sadiq Khan, the demonstration looks to have smashed pre-demo targets to be even bigger than its previous incarnation last October, which attracted 670,000 people.

In parallel to the demonstration, more than four million people have signed an online petition to the Government asking it to revoke Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon and cancel Brexit.

BREXIT MARCH: Protestors gathered in London. Photo by David Anderson


  1. Assuming there were a million – which is extremely unlikely ( Trafalgar Square can hold around 35,000 – about half the size of Old Trafford) – and assuming that 4 million British citizens had individually signed the on-line petition – which is also slightly unlikely given that there are absolutely no effective controls or screening procedures in place – the big question is SO WHAT ?
    Most of Western Europe has a democratic system where the people are given a vote, and the majority prevails. Mob rule has not been adopted as a system of government anywhere in the civilised world. Whatever one’s view of any issue, resort to force of numbers is not a legitimate way to address it

  2. Er, it’s been accurately measured at 82,000. One thing about our authorities, they know how to keep an eye on us. Anyway, we voted out, we leaving, get over it, and persuade the Europeans they’ve got to pay more or everyone gets a pension age raise and cut.


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