THIRTY SECONDS: Express robbers stopped in tracks by cops

PROFESSIONAL: The gang could get in and out of a premises in half a minute. Photo credit: Guardia Civil

A CRIMINAL gang responsible for a series of robberies in the Alpujarras has been stopped in its tracks.

Guardia Civil arrested five Eastern Europeans living in Almeria, who the authorities believe broke into at least 19 shops and restaurants, three in this province and 16 in Granada, between September last year and February. The Guardia estimates the gang amassed around €32,000 from the 19 break-ins.

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The Guardia said the gang acted quickly and efficiently, capable of breaking into an establishment in and getting back out within 30 seconds. Prior to hitting a target they cased the premises, using a hidden camera to film the location of the cash registers and items of value, like computers. They then used specialist tools to force open locks, frequency sensors to open automatic doors and signal jammers to deactivate alarms.

Raids on the gang members’ homes in Almeria, Roquetas and El Ejido led to the discovery of an illegal electricity connection to power a bitcoin mining pool, leading to additional charges of defrauding the power supply, as well as of falsifying documents.


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