Intermittent fasting

RESET: Fasting can be an effective way to reset your system.

OK so it’s not for everyone, but having a fast can be an excellent way of resetting your body and has even been shown to boost your immune system, and improve mental clarity and concentration levels. 

I’m not talking fasting for a week but with lent in full swing, why not try a 24-hour fast? 

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This is basically having an evening meal and not eating until your evening meal the next day. The beauty of this, is that for a huge chunk of the fast, you are asleep! 

This is where the term ‘breakfast’ comes from. The first meal of the day which essentially breaks a short fast whilst sleeping. 

During the fast you consume plenty of water, herbal teas – but not green tea as this can accelerate metabolism which is no good on an empty stomach – and black coffee.

For the meal which breaks your fast, make sure that it is not too large and well balanced.

Ideal foods would be fish or lean meat with some vegetables. You will probably find you are not as famished as you expect to be! 

Take a note of the scale before and after too. You may just be pleasantly surprised! 

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