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DID you honestly think that this bunch of privileged ‘Club Westminster’ layabouts actually cared about what you thought? Ha!

The only thing this disgraceful array of arrogant Parliamentarians truly hold dear is who you vote for – not what. If this lot had existed in the days of Cromwell, most of them would by now either be in the Tower or having their necks stretched in the market square. I actually lost respect for our esteemed politicians many years ago, on discovering that people we all blindly placed on pedestals – should actually be standing in the dock! 

When I was young and fancy free, and doing the Chelsea and Kensington ‘rounds,’ the only parties that most of them cared about were those that catered for everything below the waistline. At one such soiree I clearly recall one of the honourable members coming up to me, sweating profusely from his ingestion of ‘uppers,’ clad in nothing but a string vest and begging me to take over his latest bedtime ‘romp,’ as he ‘couldn’t carry on any longer.’ The next day he was representing his London constituency at Prime Ministers questions!

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Even if those days of 60’s debauchery are now behind them, I have no delusions about our so-called government representatives. The only thing most of them represent is themselves. Power and feathering their own nests are all they really care about, and remaining in the EU is their best way of achieving it. They also can’t bear to think of their fellow cronies in the European old boys club continuing without them.

These Westminster wasters are also extremely reticent to take on the challenges of the worldwide markets. Something that would take them out of the comfort zones of Westminster clubland, get them off their Saville row and Gucci clad behinds and, heaven forbid, do some actual work.

Blinded by their own arrogance, they also of course fail to realise that come the next elections, when they are all sidling around, begging for your votes and pretending they are going to represent your interest, this recent utter betrayal and undisputable revelation of their true colours, will (hopefully) not be forgotten!

Look out for a whole new party emerging out of the present chaos. But don’t hold yer breath. ‘New Labour’ was meant to be a whole fresh start, and look where they got us!’ I’m also extremely wary of the Lisbon treaty, a positively horrendous agreement to which all EU members, including the UK are already committed. Google it. It makes extremely disquieting reading, and its lurking just around yet another shadowy political corner. Good luck all.

As a final word and in light of the recent horrendous massacre in New Zealand. Would it not have been a better idea for London mayor Khan to have deployed more police outside the churches for fear of reprisal – instead of the hundreds he immediately called up to guard the Mosques?

And where did all those police suddenly appear from? I thought there was a glut of knife crimes because the police were sorely depleted. Just asking.

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Love Leapy     
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  1. Leapy mentions the awful massacre in New Zealand. The BBC’s security correspondent, Frank Gardner, has found Neo-Nazis and right wing extremists are now copying Islamic State tactics. He says white supremacists and violent IS extremists both inhabit a narrow-based world view dominated by an all-consuming hatred and total intolerance of anyone’s views but their own. In that respect, white supremacists and IS terrorists are no different from each other.
    The white Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Breivik, killed his young white victims, rather than Muslims or immigrants, because he saw them all as soft ‘snowflakes’. He saw them as obstacles to his desire for a world of hard-line white supremacy in place of multiculturalism. This begs the question, does support for alt-right activists coupled with criticism of more moderate ‘snowflakes’ encourage violence? All the evidence indicates that it does.
    In Britain, the now-banned National Action has splintered into separate factions of white racial purists on the one hand and simple anarchists wanting to destroy ‘the system’ on the other. Both groups represent a very real threat to British society – every bit as great as Islamic State. This is entirely due to the persistent growth of anti-immigrant propaganda of the type portrayed (for example) in the Leapy Lee column. It might seem mild at first, but with every week of repetition it snowballs into something much bigger. Until ultimately it gets out of control – like it did in Norway and New Zealand.


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