Spanish police uncover marriage of convenience scam in Andalucia

SIXTEEN immigrants went on the run from the Centre for the Internment of Foreigners (CIE) in Hoya Fría, Tenerife. Credit: Policia National

ALMERIA POLICE made ten arrests after uncovering a marriage of convenience scam in Andalucia, Spain.

Investigators from the police Illegal Immigration and Falsified Documents Network Central Unit and the Andalucia government’s Equality and Social Policy department identified a structure dedicated to setting up marriages of convenience or common-law partnerships between Spanish or EU nationals and immigrants from other countries trying to get legal resident status in this country.

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The group of seven women and three men of Spanish, Romanian, Moroccan and Dominican nationality charged up to €8,000 euros per union. They offered the Spaniards and EU citizens playing their part in the fraud between €3,000 and €4,000, and gave money to intermediaries who put the couples in contact with each other and the homeowners allowing their properties to be given as the couples’ home addresses. The investigations also found the group produced false official documents to validate the unions.


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