WATCH: Last supermoon of 2019 – the ‘super worm equinox moon’

SUPERMOON: Over Barcelona, Spain. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

THE final supermoon of 2019 should be visible in the skies over Spain tonight (March 20) coinciding with the spring equinox that marks the start of a new season in northern hemisphere.

The spectacle will be the last of this year’s three supermoons following the first on January 21 and the second — the biggest and brightest — on February 19.

A supermoon is a full moon that has reached the nearest point to Earth in its monthly orbit around the planet. Therefore, supermoons appear larger and brighter in
the night sky, though these changes are usually too subtle to notice.

The moon is usually about 240,000 miles away from Earth but, according to NASA, it will come within about 223,300 miles of our planet.

March’s full moon is sometimes called the “worm moon” because, according to tradition, it occurs at a time when the frosty ground is melting and earthworms start to emerge.

If you’re unlucky to have cloudy skies or impeded views the Virtual Telescope Project will livestream the event online from Rome in Italy.


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