Shocking moment that police in Spain find mother of murdered children HIDING in plastic drum

HIDING: Mother of murdered children was found by police in a plastic barrel. Photo credit: Twitter / @cuatroaldia

THIS is the shocking moment when a police dog named Chico led officers to the mother of two young children who were found murdered in shallow graves in Spain.

The children’s parents – Maria Gombau, 25, and father Gabriel, a Belgian aged 26, were arrested following the gruesome discovery in the Valencian municipality of Godella last week.

A Spanish news station has obtained exclusive video of the moment when Guardia Civil agents located Maria Gombau hiding in a blue, plastic barrel near the house where the two children were found buried.


The woman claimed she was there because she was hiding from her husband.

A huge search for the tots had been launched after the baby, just a few months old, and a three-year-old disappeared in ‘strange’ circumstances.

A neighbour had alerted the 112 emergency services after he had heard screams on the morning of their disappearance and the mother had left the house.

More than 150 officers of the Guardia Civil, the Local Police and Civil Protection volunteers, a canine unit, divers, potholers and helicopters joined the search.

It is reported that, after several hours of investigation, the woman confessed to killing her children and told police that she had buried them near their squatted house.

The television station has claimed that forensic investigators discovered that the children had suffered numerous skull fractures and they were looking for a heavy, cylindrical object as the murder weapon.

Both parents of the children are in prison on anti-suicide watches and reported to be refusing to co-operate with inquiries while investigations continue.

Mother of two ‘missing’ children in Spain arrested after confessing where she buried bodies


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