DEATH THREATS: People traffickers who charged migrants €4,000 for Morocco-Spain crossing arrested

INTERCEPTED: There were 56 people on board the nine-metre long boat. Photo credit: Policia Nacional

SPANISH police interception of an inflatable dinghy off the coast of Almeria carrying Sub-Saharans led to the arrest of two men for trying to illegally bring immigrants from Morocco to Spain.

There were 56 people in the boat, which was just nine metres long, 2.5 metres wide and powered by only a 25hp outboard motor.

The passengers included 11 women and three children. While processing and interviewing the immigrants, police, assisted by the Guardia Frontiers and Coasts European Agency, identified the individuals believed to be responsible for navigating the boat.


Police said the two, named as a 21 and a 26-year old from Senegal, had threatened the boat passengers with death if they reported them to the Spanish police. They also reported each immigrant had paid €4,000 to be taken to Spain.

Police charged them with a crime against the rights of foreign citizens.


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