Driver killed after being hit by his own runaway lorry in Spain

LORRY DRIVER RUN OVER: The vehicle eventually came rest after smashing into a derelict building. Photo credit: Twitter / @112Asturias

A MALE lorry driver has died after being hit by his own vehicle that started to move while he was outside the cab.

The tragic accident happened at 10.39 am this morning (Monday) in Sevares, Piloña in the Asturias.

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The lorry that was carrying a full load of timber started to move, for unknown reasons, running over the driver who was outside the cab.

It continued down a hill before coming to rest against an abandoned building.

A dog rescue unit was brought in to make sure that no-one was trapped in the rubble.

An investigation into the accident is underway and experts will inspect the brakes on the vehicle.


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