FAMILY TRIP: Round the world in six years…

FAMILY TRIP: Marta and Daniel will travel the world with their three children. Photo credit: Facebook / Marta Bruyel

A SPANISH family have left their Madrid home and embarked on a six-year journey around the world in a camper van.

Having travelled regularly as a couple, Marta Bruyel, 38, and Daniel Gimeno, 42, decided to pack up belongings and their three small children, aged between one and six, and hit the road.

According to Spanish press, they left everything behind in December to spend two years touring the Americas, before a further two years travelling through Asia.


The family then plan to move on to Africa for the remainder of the world tour in their eight sqm camper.

The eldest two children are homeschooled by Marta while Daniel looks after the youngest.

But the parents said they “value more the kind of education that isn’t found in textbooks, such as communication skills and the lessons learned while travelling.”


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