Mystery “Robin Hood” splashes the cash in a Spanish village

VILLARRAMIEL: Residents have a mystery cash giver. Photo: Wikipedia and Shutterstock

BAFFLED villagers in a Spanish village are trying to work out the identity of a Robin Hood figure who has been leaving envelopes containing cash in postboxes and under people’s doors.

At least 15 residents of Villarramiel, in the province of Palencia, have mysteriously received up to €70 in notes each, according to Mayor Nuria Simón.

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There is no obvious connection between the beneficiaries, or any possible motive for the generous gestures.

And adding to the confusion, there doesn’t appear to be a profile either with married people, elderly residents, a widowed woman, a disabled child, young couples and those in employment among those given a cash boost.

Villarramiel is home to just 830 people, and news of the anonymous gifts has quickly got round.

Simón confirmed that the first envelope was delivered on March 6, with the latest reported on Wednesday morning.

All of the notes have been verified at a local bank, proving to be legal tender, and while some people have kept the money, others have donated it to the parish.

Simón told Spanish press that she initially thought it was a prank, until more and more people came forward. She said that “some of the envelopes were addressed to the queen of the house, or bearing a love heart. I am amazed but unable to understand it.”

There is no evidence to suggest somebody local has won the lottery or “received an inheritance from a millionaire uncle in Cuba” added Simón, who went on to say that the actions “have put Villarramiel on the map” and whatever the motives, have brought joy to residents.


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