MISSING: 44 presumed dead after migrant boat hits trouble at sea

WASHED UP: The 44 missing are presumed dead. Credit: Twitter/Helena Maleno

AT LEAST one person is dead and 44 still missing after a boat carrying migrants was wrecked on the Alboran Sea between Spain and Morocco.

According to charity Walking Frontiers, 22 were rescued from the disaster, however the missing 44 are presumed dead.

Helen Maleno, a representative of the charity, explained she had received a call from the boat on Wednesday claiming it was sinking. 

The added only one body had so far been rescued by the Moroccan navy.

Ms Maleno said: “Their relatives fear the worst if countries do not work together enough to rescue them.”


  1. How very revealing that the boat had the phone number of the Charity, and expected it to rescue them. Not the Navy or the Coast Guard – the Charity. Yet again we are drawn to the suggestion that these charities are actively involved in the trafficking, and have been for a long time. Italy got wise to it some years ago, and started impounding ships. Spain needs to get a grip as well, if these tragedies are to be prevented.


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