Weapons of persuasion

PERSUASIVE: Jackson used his fame to dupe children and their parents. Credit: Antonio Manfredonio/Wikipedia

AFTER watching the recent documentary on Michael Jackson, I truly do wish he were still alive.

Were his present-day accusers able to confront him in a court of law and give the sort of evidence we saw on the recent documentary Leaving Neverland, then Jackson would most definitely have spent the rest of his miserable life behind bars.

Before all the diehard fans (whose bruised egos will NEVER let them admit that their chosen idol could commit such atrocities) begin screaming their hysterical dissent; consider this: what would your opinion be if you’d just heard that creepy, fifty-year-old ‘Fred Smith’, who lives in the next street, had admitted to sleeping with children, some as young as seven, over the past 20 years or more?

You’d be calling for the removal of his head and testicles, that’s what. And you would be 100 per cent correct. Why then should you blindly accept these actions as the ‘norm’ from another individual, merely because he is a talented personality who can dance and sing?

Michael Jackson followed all the traits of the classic paedophile. Pick you victim. Ingratiate yourself with the family (à la Rolf Harris) and then slowly but surely earn their trust and friendship. (How easy Jackson would have found this, with his wealth and fame as his weapons of persuasion).

When you have accomplished this, very carefully begin to separate the victim from the jurisdiction of their parents. Once alone with your target you can then begin to concentrate on what your intentions truly are. And quite frankly what chance does a little innocent have against such a devious adversary – a family friend who their parent trusted and loved?

My heart went out to these two haunted and utterly screwed up young men. Desperately trying to get their lives back together and create normal relationships. Trying to dispel the guilt that their abnormal relations with Jackson could possibly have been their own fault.

Admitting that they loved him, and still did. Confessing to their families, fully aware that in doing so they would destroy their parents in the knowledge that they had been duped into making catastrophic mistakes in their children’s upbringing.

 Ah, I hear from those who are still not convinced. What about all the other children who swore he never touched them, even though they too shared his bed? Well of course he didn’t, that was his devious ploy. He had already groomed his chosen sex objects. The other children were ‘beards’. Especially actor Macaulay Culkin. What better high-profile vindicator could you have than this young, attractive and popular film star, swearing you never laid a hand on him? And just how do all you doubters think this obviously highly sexed individual was getting his rocks off over all those years? Celibacy? Ha!

I hope these two young men get a fortune from Jacksons estate. At least it’ll keep it out of the hands of his money grabbing family and lawyers. This despicable individual had already paid one victim $20 million to keep him quiet. Let’s hope these two broken families get a great deal more.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy                

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  1. Like Leapy, I’ve never understood why so many fans feel the need to practically worship someone like Michael Jackson just because he could sing and move around the stage a bit. I’ve been in some pub bands and done some amateur dramatics in the past. Nothing to it. Easy as falling off a log. And why does this hero worship persist long after death, to the point of being in denial about the terrible things he did in life? However, I can not condone removing abusers’ heads and testicles as Leapy suggests! (Note to moderators: Leapy’s own words, in a family newspaper accessible to children and passed by the editor.)
    The thing is Jackson was always creepy – all that facial reconstruction. Remember the silly yashmak hiding his nose and chin while they were being grotesquely remodelled over and over again? That’s just not normal. His surgeons should be ashamed for enriching themselves at the expense of a mentally ill person suffering from body dysmorphia (among many other things.) There are rumours that’s how his addiction to powerful pain killers began – ultimately leading to his doctor injecting the overdose that killed him.
    Even worse is the way the fans, and the authorities, let Jackson hide in plain sight. Sir Jimmy Saville OBE was another dreadful example of this. Now he was every bit as creepy as Jackson, waving that big cigar about in his huge chair on Jim’ll Fix It like some lord of the manor while leering at his little victims on the telly. Even the BBC looked the other way when he took them into his caravan (pitched in the car park of Broadcasting House!) after every programme was beamed into our living rooms on a Saturday night. It’s sickening to think how it was used by him to gain access to so many vulnerable youngsters while we sat and had our tea.
    I believe that as long as this hero worship phase continues, the whole human race will still be stuck in a state of impressionable adolescence. I do hope though that one day it will mature into some form of adulthood – eventually.

  2. Well now, if the Daily Mail and Leapy Lee say it’s all true, then it must be so. Never mind that the Daily Mail has the dubious record as the worst rag for accuracy and objective reporting, eclipsed only by the Sun newspaper. Never mind that Jackson was already cleared by the courts to charges brought against him. Never mind that the two main accusers were not considered reliable witnesses or that they denied that he molested them, but now have changed their tune. Follow the money. Qui bono?


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