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APPS: Simple things can be so complicated sometimes. Photo: Shutterstock

I have an app on my phone that allows me to check my phone bill – usage of data etc.

It was in Spanish, all I had to do was click on the app and all my info is there, but yesterday it asked me for my password and then wouldn’t let me in. I tried it half a dozen times but it wouldn’t allow me access? Why? Because it needs updating and I can’t update it because it’s Spanish. I have an IPhone and my account is in the UK store. I went to the UK site and they don’t have that app in their store, so I tried to change to the Spanish app store and it wouldn’t let me.

Now, this must have changed because how did I get it on there in the first place? So, I called the helpline and tried to find out if they could help, being a helpline and all. After all the BS pleasantries we got on to the question in hand. To cut to the chase, yes, I can change my stores except no, I can’t. Why? Because I have a credit balance so the helpline suggested I spent my balance then changed stores, downloaded the update then changed it back. 


The only problem is I have £100 balance but that’s never going to be spent just to update an app. I thanked him and got the obligatory question – ‘Is there anything else I can help you with?’ I was tempted to ask what he had actually helped me with but I didn’t. Simple things can be so complicated sometimes.

Controversial subject, I know, but honestly is it fair that if you are a 6ft 3in, 200-pound trans gender female you should be able to compete in female only sporting events? The reason that I put the question like that is because I don’t see any petite, dainty, trans gender women competing. 

Again, I must emphasise, I am not transphobic or any other phobic but you must be allowed to ask a question or have an opinion. Women and those running all-female competitions and sporting events need to ask themselves whether they are willing to allow other female competitors to be marginalised and prevented from fully succeeding and competing on equal footing with other females – all in support of a social justice agenda. Many, many famous sports people-male and female-are asking the same question.

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