Non-scale victories

MEASURE UP: Don´t let the scales rule your day. Photo: Shutterstock

AS soon as we start any type of new eating plan, we automatically become obsessed with every single pound, ounce, kilo and gram.

The temptation to hop on the scale every day can be overwhelming, and the problems with daily weighing are this:

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Your body weight can fluctuate with water retention, and many other factors so each day can show a wildly different figure which may have settled after a week. Certainly, with carb cycling your weight can show different depending on which day you are on.

Your mood will be greatly affected by the result that morning. This can obviously go one of two ways!

Non-scale victories are important. When you start carb cycling take a ‘before’ picture even if it’s for your own personal use. Front, side and back.

Take measurements. Waist, hips, thighs and chest. These are the differences you will see the quickest, your clothes will feel looser and those love handles will start to diminish.

Take progress pictures every month. Make sure you are wearing the same outfit. You’ll be amazed at the difference. One of my clients, Emily has lost almost two stone/12 kg but the real jaw-dropping part is her before and after pics.

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